To Glory

Reading the words that are written here are not meant for you to form an opinion on, they are here to help you the reader to hear and see what God is saying, I do have here my thoughts on what I believe God has spoken, but unless you hear for yourself the only option for you is for you to form an opinion.
If you are not prepared to open yourself to the voice of the Spirit you can only harm yourself by opperating in sensual knowlegde, even if the knowledge comes from God. And if you don't have ears to ear and eyes to see you can only live and walk in the natural realm. The natural realm which could be called the natural kingdom is not a place where you can walk with God. If you desire to walk with God it must be by the spirit, that is by hearing and seeing the things of God by the Spirit. One needs to know how to activate the laws of the spirit in order to walk in them, there is a process of sowing and reaping. Meditation of His word and confession of our faith are vital for our growth and maturuity in becoming and undstanding of what it is to be a son or daughter of God, in the 'now', 'here', where we are. Scripture says 'As He is, so are we'
It doesn't say 'As He is, some day, one day' ost likey as you read this you had some opinions going through your mind that are contrary. This is where the battle begins if you willing to take it up.

Religion that is built upon opinion is a dead religion, it is a divided religion, it is not the Kingdom of God, it a natural realm kingdom that thinks it knows, but really it knows not.
Opinion is the station where satan rules from, it is where he is allowed power, those that esteem opinion are serving the enemy and not God.
There is opinion and there is the mind of Christ.
One that calls themselves a christian, do they know the diffence between opinion and the mind of Christ?
This is the meaning where being left behind lays.
The battle of the soul is the last great battle, the armageddon of the soul. This is the quest, do we think the thoughts of God with the mind of Christ or do we lose our soul which is the description of hell.

We will continue on this page to bring keys to walking in victory at every step.
And endeavour that our thoughts are His thoughts so that our ways are become His ways.

I find that most people do not take correction well and when opinion is firmly esablished in ones mind speaking contrary to that opinion drives them away. I will aim to endeavour this quest and trust God that even with my mistakes He will use me to bring many son's and daughters to glory.

In this battle of having the mind of Christ rule our mind things can look very dark at times, because the emeny will fight when he is threatened. But fear not to those that don't give up even when you may feel like you have, God's mercy is new every morning, using your faith will ensure the victory.

For those that are in Christ we have as inheritance God’s peace in our heart. This is the same peace that rules in heaven. As we know or should know that it is God’s will, plan and purpose for heaven to be on earth as it is in heaven. So it is with the peace of heaven, that is God’s peace, it is to have rulership in our hearts.
Hell has an objective and that is to rob the one that is in Christ of this peace. Hell cannot take this peace from one in Christ but they can take the realization of this peace which has the fruit of not having it.  Hell seeks to inflict it’s will on all, which is being far from peace.
Now Jesus said, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers for they will be call the son’s of God or children of God’, in other words they will be recognised as descendants of the supreme divinity. Those who walk in the peace of God as in heaven are those that the creation has been awaiting as in birth pains. When the peace of God rules in the heart so the Kingdom of God rules in the heart and this effects everything around them and brings all things into subjection to the will of God.
We still face challengers but they are opportunities to move from Glory to Glory, not from one defeat to another defeat and not from one failure to another failure. The testimony that glorifies God is someone who was once a failure is now victorious in every area of their life. With the Kingdom of God within us we are changed into a new creation, in the likeness of God.
A mind that is not aligned with the mind of Christ will not produce the peace of God. It is one thing to have knowledge of God and to think you have the correct doctrines and another thing to have the mind of Christ by faith which produces the peace of God. Arguments and false ideas need to be brought down so that the peace of God is allow to rule.
The law of sin and death, what is it? Or rather how are we to be free from the law of sin and death? If we were saved by following the commandments, then why did Jesus have to die?  The law of faith makes (creates) peace or rather uncovers the peace that was already there, by faith we have the mind of Christ it is not achieved by obeying the commandments. The mind of Christ is in unity with the fruit of the spirit they are aligned. Jesus said that the glory that he had was given to us, so that we could be one, one within ourselves. When our minds are aligned with our regenerated spirit we are in peace.
If you seek to find peace by obeying the commandments you will fail, there will always be a measure of guilt involved, guilt is the crown and power of dead religion. You might very well be seen to be religious. But guilt is a separator from the peace, life and love of God.
When a preacher preaches sin, they magnify sin and guilt, they will keep you in dead religion and failure, a child of God needs to be feed on who they are according to the new creation of who they now are, which is Christ in you the hope of glory to glory in the now, not one day some day. When one in Christ is taught a guilt complex and a proverty complex they become confused and dependant on man to help them all the time. While when one knows who they are and whose they are, they know how to get the help they need when they need it. 
Jesus said to pray, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’. Do you think He would say that if God wasn’t fully prepared to answer this to the fullest extent? Or do you think that it is a nice gesture that can never be fulfilled? This brings my thoughts to as scripture says, ’Let God be true and every man a liar’.   This statement is true, but thank God we have access to the mind of Christ.
Let us look further into and let us keep looking into what and how about this, “Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven’, Jesus said ‘The Kingdom of God is within you’, scripture also says, As a man thinks in his heart so is he’.  So we can conclude that heaven on earth is first established in the heart, that is in one that has received Christ, the reason why there is not a reality of heaven on earth for the one in Christ is the mind and heart are not aligned with Christ. 
Let back track a bit, you may say, ‘but what about sin?”.  The is a difference between one outside of Christ and one inside of Christ, one outside of Christ they exist in the state of condemnation whether they know it or not, whether they are willing to except it or not and whether they feel like it or not, it is something that is not negotiable apart from the acceptance by faith that Jesus paid the price by his sacrifice of death on the cross. But once acceptance is received sin has been dealt with. Sin has been judged, sin has been condemned, meaning it has been sentenced to the cross. From then on our justification is always by faith in the cross, if we begin to seek to be justified by works we lessen the grace made available to us.
According to the mind of Christ sin is nailed to the cross. Sin is destroyed, it does not exist in the one that has received Christ, the carnal natural mind cannot receive this nor walk in this, we need to put on the mind of Christ and this is the challenge for us, because of wrong thinking patterns, wrong teaching, thinking as the world thinks. When we start to combat this, one does find they are in a war zone, but I believe God is saying He is making this easier for those coming through, because others have come through and fort the tough battles, but if you listen to the wrong people this process will be made more difficult.
The mind of Christ is a major part of us walking in all that was purchased for us by the cross, the other major part that enables us to walk in this grace is to lay hold of it by our faith. Ignorance of what happened on the cross and what has been provided for us by it is a hindrance to our faith. Knowledge of how to use faith is crucial, faith is not a feeling it is an action, it is a work, it is the only work that God is pleased with. Faith is predominantly activated by the words of our mouth, this is an action, and we believe therefore we speak. When Jesus had his ministry his main work was speaking things into existence, it says he went around doing good. We have the same faith that Jesus had, though you might think I can't do what Jesus did, that kind of thinking will come from one that hasn't practiced and trained their faith. A disciple is one that is disciplined. You can do what Jesus did,  Jesus said a disciple will be like his master. We have been given the mind of Christ, but faith will make it a reality. Speaking, 'I have the mind of Christ', or 'my mind thinks your thoughts' in faith will cause this to happen.
As the main topic being covered here is the mind of Christ, we’ll have a look at what the mind of Christ has to do with our salvation. The mind of Christ has effect to our soul, which is our mind will and emotions. When scripture speaks of our soul being saved it is about our mind will and emotions, not about our spirit, our spirit is either regenerated or it is not, reborn is another description. So the mind of Christ is only available to one that's spirit that has been regenerated. This is one that has been forgiven, this is one that is a child of God. 
Now one that is a true child of God, still has the ability to think all things that are contrary to the mind of Christ if they are inclined to do so, or swayed to do so by many influences which can be from past experiences by just not bothering to be a truth seeker or by teaching that is not God inspired.
If the churches would teach on things like the Kingdom of God is within each child of God, and, but you have an anointing from the Holy one that teaches you about all things, they wouldn't need to be controlling as they are and demand submission to themselves as they do, they would be seeing the Kingdom of God ruling in the hearts.    
Scripture says if anyone is in Christ they are a new creature, old things have passed away, behold all things have become new. It also say 'Behold I make all things new'. Let have a look at what the 'old things are', we could come up with a long list of what the old things are, the old things are everything that heaven is not, everything that keeps us from heaven being on earth in our live is an old thing, everything in our past whether bad or good, only the word of God remains. The sinful nature gone, guilt gone bad memories gone bad habits gone. All the old things have been nailed to the cross. Anything that is not the fruit of the spirit is gone. This is the mind of Christ, the old is gone. This is the mind of Christ, 'All things have become new'. When our minds are clothed with the mind of Christ our souls are saved and heaven on earth is our existence. The mind of Christ doesn't think depression, it doesn't think fear, it think all things are possible, it thinks all my needs are meet, everything I would expect in heaven is finding its way to me here on earth. The new is heaven it is Emanuel. When our minds are aligned with God, the glory of the Lord is revealed.
So have the mind of Christ, it is a reward for disciples, for those that have faith.

(More to follow)

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